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Our Services

Dogs big and small… We love them all. We offer everything your lil' family member requires with our dog grooming, day care, training and vet care services.

  • Cleaning your dog's coat and a light trim.

    Starting at 2,700rsd
  • A perfect introduction for the show

    Starting at 3,300rsd
  • Short-haired dogs need a bath too!

    Starting at 1,750rsd
  • Starting at 2,100rsd
  • A quick bath when in hurry!

    From 1,200rsd
  • Basic Breed-specific or customized haircut

    Starting at 3,700rsd
  • Experience the Emperor Grooming Treatment

    Starting at 5,500rsd
  • It's never too early to pamper your pup!

    20% off regular
  • Get rid of those tangles, knots and mats

    Starting at 1,200rsd
  • A special grooming technique for wire haired dogs

    Starting at 5,000rsd
  • Keep your house from being overrun by drifts of hair in every corner

    Starting at rsd4,000
  • Treat your dog to a fun and active day at AVE

    Starting at 600rsd
  • Reliable, painless and NO anesthesia

    Starting at 4,000rsd
  • Let us handle the rush hour

    Starting at 800rsd
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